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Michelle Bunyan

Nurse - Case Manager

Michelle has over 30 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse, specialising in the fields of spinal cord injury and case management. She has enjoyed a varied career, practicing within the NHS and care industry. The majority of her career has been spent as a Care Service Manager for Active Assistance and as a Case Manager for Spinal Injury Case Management organising (SCI) rehabilitation packages.  Michelle has acquired extensive, first-class experience as a case manager, completing Immediate Needs Assessment reports and supporting clients throughout their rehab journey. She has managed SCI rehabilitation, organised access to therapies, overseen the implementation of large care packages, psychological support, and aided in sourcing equipment, transport, housing, and vocational assistance.

Throughout her career Michelle has spent a large portion of time working in the care agency setting, namely with Active Assistance and Allied Healthcare. Acting as a Case Manager for clients with catastrophic spinal cord injuries, her clinical responsibilities included completing case load management for specialised assessments, rehabilitation interventions, and complex rehabilitation of spinal cord injured adults (acute care, complete injury, incomplete injury, paraplegia and tetraplegia) regularly attending multidisciplinary meetings and working closely with the MDT team to reach a shared goal.

Michelle is a highly motivated, dynamic, and efficient nurse with an inherent drive and compassion for empowering and enabling individuals to reach their potential and to live fulfilled lives. 



  • Registered Nurse;

  • Over 30 Years Qualified;

  • Case Manager.


  • Advanced Clinical Assessment;

  • Care and Case Management;

  • Rehabilitation;

  • Complex community care experience;

  • Report Writing;

  • Confident and Effective Advocate;

  • Able to critically Analyse Papers and Reports;

  • CPR Part 35 Legal Training and solid understanding of duties to the Court.


  • Spinal Cord Injuries;

  • Case Management Packages;

  • Acute Care, Complete Injury, Incomplete Injury, Paraplegia and Tetraplegia Injuries;

  • Complex Discharge Management, including making recommendations for care needs;

  • Assessment of Adults with Spinal Cord Injury, Orthopaedic and Pain Management, Neurological Conditions;

  • Risk Assessments;

  • Community care and Public Health;

  • Neurological Rehabilitation;

  • Safeguarding adults and children.

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