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Occupational Therapist

Jared is an Occupational Therapist with over ten years’ experience within the Health and Social Care sector, working with a diverse range of individuals and conditions including people with Learning Disabilities and Autism, Mental Health issues, Musculo Skeletal difficulties and Neurological Rehabilitation. He has valuable knowledge, experience, and insight into various conditions that can affect individuals’ lives and the corresponding rehabilitation techniques and treatment modalities. Jared has also worked within both Mental Health and Physical Health care environments and has led a mental health group for individuals who are suffering to come to terms with their injuries.

As an Occupational Therapist, Jared has worked within social services, neurological rehabilitation, and private services. He is a qualified moving and handling trainer, specialising in complex moving and handling solutions for individuals with multifarious and unique moving and handling needs. Jared is very confident with the provision of specialised equipment and adaptions for individuals with lifelong conditions and catastrophic injuries. He prepares comprehensive and detailed assessments and is very proficient in analysing areas of independence and difficulties and how a particular condition can affect an individual’s life. Jared has written inclusive reports for funding bodies, discharge teams, safeguarding investigations, specialised equipment, medical professionals and more. Jared applies his skills, knowledge and experience into providing well written reports regarding individuals with various life impacting conditions.



  • BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy;

  • Moving and Handling Trainer;

  • Qualified Occupational Therapist;

  • Level 3 in Health and Social Care.


  • Experienced Expert Witness;

  • Compliant with CPR Part 35 legal training;

  • Risk Assessments;

  • Needs Assessment;

  • Loss of Services;

  • Report Writing.


  • Occupational Therapy;

  • Neurological rehabilitation;

  • Upper limb rehabilitation;

  • Single-handed care;

  • Mental Health;

  • Assessment of Adults in acute and community settings; identifying and carrying out specific rehabilitation needs, goals and treatment modalities;

  • Experience of cognitive rehabilitation/ cognitive assessments in neuro rehabilitation;

  • Equipment and adaptions;

  • Safeguarding.

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