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Gary Sheppard

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Gary is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner with his main duties being undertaken in GP surgeries and urgent care.  Since qualifying as a staff nurse in 1999 until leaving secondary care in 2015 Gary’s specialist areas were in Respiratory and Acute medicine where he gained a range of clinical skills, including studying for and gaining a Masters in advanced clinical practice.


In his current role Gary operates as an autonomous practitioner, providing independent patient case reviews utilising both local and national guidelines to ensure that a structured, appropriate clinical management plan is in place and recognising when it is necessary to escalate care to specialist secondary care providers. From a Governance perspective he has been involved in risk management responding to complaints and writing of reports for private health providers in respect of legal claims.  Over the past 7 years Gary has used his skills set to set up and run an Acute Home Visiting Service, producing the standard operating policies, and auditing the service to ensure that it is safe, efficient, and effective. Another key role for Gary was leading the Salford Health Improvement Project that enabled service provision to the local homeless population. Gary understands the importance of providing safe and high-quality care which makes him an outstanding expert in the areas of breach of duty, liability and causation.


Gary accepts instructions from both Claimant and Defendant Solicitors to review clinical negligence cases and to identify breach of duty.  Gary is compliant with all CPD training provided by our in-house lawyers in respect of his role and duties as a Part 35 expert witness and understands the competencies required of him.  He is very experienced in presenting a clear rationale for him opinion and is robust when presenting verbal evidence in conferences and Joint Discussions. 



  • Registered Nurse;

  • Advanced Clinical Practitioner;

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing Practice;

  • Master of Science Advanced Practice.


  • Report Writing – Liability Reports;

  • Teaching and Assessing;

  • Case Assessment skills at advanced level;

  • Report Writing;

  • Confident and Effective Advocate;

  • Able to critically Analyse Papers and Reports;

  • CPR Part 35 Legal Training and solid understanding of duties to the Court.


  • Breach of Duty / Liability;

  • Emergency and urgent care;

  • Clinical Governance;

  • Management of Staff;

  • Safeguarding;

  • Independent Prescriber.

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