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Speech and Language Therapist

Rebecca is a Registered Speech and Language Therapist specialising in paediatrics, with experience in both the NHS and independent sector. Rebecca qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2014 and began her career working within busy community clinics in Wigan. Rebecca is an adaptable, conscientious and enthusiastic SALT with experience in providing a professional care service to children aged 1-16 years, and their families. She has a range of experience working with pre-school and school-aged children with speech, language and communication difficulties such as specific speech sound disorders, Developmental Language Disorder, learning difficulties, behavioural difficulties or Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC).   She has previously acted as an advocate for her patients and their families in their treatment pathway and has experience of attending MDT meetings. 

Rebecca has undertaken comprehensive legal training and has a solid understanding of her duties to the Court pursuant to CPR Part 35 and understands the competencies required of her and can provide clear, concise and timely communication both written and spoken.  Rebecca accepts instructions from both Claimant and Defendant solicitors and insurers.



  • Registered Speech and Language Therapist;

  • BSc (Hons) in Speech Pathology and Therapy;

  • FJ Ltd Expert Witness Training Programme.


  • Advanced and thorough clinical reasoning skills;

  • An in-depth knowledge of assessment and case management for children with speech, language and communication needs;

  • Assessment of children with learning and behavioural difficulties;

  • Report Writing;

  • Paediatrics;

  • CPR Part 35 Expert Witness Legal Training.


  • Assessment of children with speech, language and communication needs;

  • Education, Health and Care Plan (ECHP);

  • Social communication difficulties;

  • Language disorder;

  • Speech Sound Disorder;

  • Intermediary for Vulnerable Persons.

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