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Statutory Funding Advisor

Kate was a successful primary school class teacher, delivering lessons across the curriculum and gaining valuable skills in communication, behaviour management and report writing. She left this profession after her son was born ten years ago with severe cerebral palsy. Since then, Kate has gained extensive experience of negotiating the statutory care system in order to ensure that her son receives all appropriate care packages and equipment provision. Kate has also assisted other families to successfully improve their access to services. Kate served as her son’s litigation friend whilst his medical negligence claim was proceeding and has since been appointed his property and financial affairs deputy. As a result, Kate has a good knowledge of the care system and legal processes impacting those who have experienced a catastrophic injury.

Kate is an elected parent governor on the board of her son’s special needs school, giving her valuable insight into the running of a specialist provision. Kate also has two other children and volunteers in their schools every week, working with small groups of children to positively impact on their learning. Kate also writes a personal blog about the realities of life with a severely disabled child and is attending an advanced level Spanish course.



  • BA Education First Class Honours with Qualified Teacher Status;

  • Elected Parent Governor at specialist school;

  • Expert Witness Training Programme.


  • Expert Witness;

  • Compliant with CPR Part 35 legal training;

  • Property and Financial Affairs Deputy;

  • Litigation Friend;

  • Carer;

  • Report writing;

  • Fundraiser and Public Speaker;

  • Volunteer at Primary School;

  • Personal Blog.


  • Statutory Funding Advice;

  • Remote Assessments;

  • Assessments of Adults and Children.

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