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Registered Nurse

Claire is a Registered General Nurse (Adult) with extensive clinical experience within the NHS and independent sector.  Claire qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 2002 and began her career at Sunderland Royal Hospital NHS Trust working as a Staff Nurse in Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, Emergency Surgical Admissions Unit.  She later joined the Integrated Critical Care Unit where she studied Critical Care Nursing at degree level. She also has experience as a District Nurse attached to a busy GP Surgery dealing with all aspects of primary care nursing and palliative care.  She subsequently worked in a private hospital on a busy surgical ward bringing her critical care experience and skills to the existing team and assisting in training and updating of equipment and existing practices. More recently she undertook extra courses in the nursing management of spinal injury as a Complex Care Nurse in the Community, being responsible for 24-hour care of a ventilated patient with spinal injury at home and assisted in managing a unique and ground-breaking care package while living in the Republic of Ireland.

On return to the UK in March 2020, Claire worked as a Rapid Response Nurse for Critical Care in the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Claire is currently working as a Continuing Healthcare Nurse Assessor for the NHS where she is responsible for leading multi-disciplinary meetings and making funding recommendations to Clinical Commissioning Groups for patients with a variety of different care needs and providing detailed reports.  Claire has undertaken comprehensive legal training and has a solid understanding of her duties to the Court pursuant to CPR Part 35 and understands the competencies required of her.



  • Registered General Nurse (Adult)

  • Diploma in Nursing

  • Critical Care and Complex Community Care experience

  • Registered Continuing Healthcare Nurse Assessor (NHS)

  • An in-depth knowledge of health care including management of complex spinal injuries and delivery of services within acute and critical care.


  • Assessments of care needs

  • Risk Assessments

  • Safeguarding

  • Report Writing

  • Case Management

  • CPR Part 35 Expert Witness Legal Training


  • Vulnerable adults with learning disabilities and behavioural problems;

  • CHC Continuing Healthcare;

  • Statutory Services Provisions;

  • Spinal injuries;

  • Brain Injuries;

  • Care, general medicine and orthopaedic care;

  • Liability Reports.

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