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Registered Nurse

Anita is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner & Queen’s Nurse with clinical and managerial experience within the NHS and private settings.

Anita’s extensive career has included experience with orthopaedics, general medicine, rehabilitation and elderly care. Anita has particular expertise with stroke patients, having worked as a Ward Manager and Community Matron for the same. In addition, she has a Diploma and an Advanced Qualification in Stroke Care, and has provided presentations nationally on the same.

Management has been central to the roles Anita has undertaken. She was heavily involved with leading on innovations and developments in the NHS and had day-to-day involvement with staff development, conflict resolution and management of clinical incidents. In private settings, Anita has managed elderly care units.

Her wide and varied experience has ensured Anita is most familiar with comprehensive care planning, prevention management, risk assessments and liaising with multi-disciplinary teams.

Anita undertakes instructions on both liability and quantum, from both Claimant and Defendant firms.

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  • BSc (Hons): Nurse Practitioner;

  • V300: Non-Medical Prescribing;

  • Advanced Qualification in Stroke Care;

  • Diploma in Stroke Care;

  • Queen’s Nurse.


  • Experienced Expert Witness;

  • Compliant with CPR Part 35 legal training;

  • Clinical Assessment of adults/children with illness and disability;

  • Report Writing;

  • Effective Communicator;

  • Critical Evaluation/ Research;

  • Strong analytical skills;

  • Quality improvement.


  • Assessment of adults/children with wide ranging physical disabilities;

  • Particular expertise with stroke care;

  • Expertise and knowledge of care of the elderly;

  • Care;

  • Loss of Services;

  • Rehabilitation;

  • Aids and Equipment;

  • Liability reports encompassing fall assessments, pressure sores, and standards of care in both NHS and private settings.

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